The Municipal Museum in Celakovice

About our museum

The Municipal Museum in Celakovice was established in 1903. However being a small town museum, it surpasses the borders of its town register covering about 50 land register villages in terms of archaeological research.

Since 1949, our museum has been located in the building of a former fortress, a medieval nobility manor. The fortress and its surroundings went through various building adjustments, as it has been enlarged and fortified by a wall.

In 1982 a demanding overall reconstruction of the whole object was finished, trying to recover its Gothic - Renaissance appearance and open the new expositions to the public. 

The collection fund made by natural scientific, archaeological and historical objects represents nearly a million of items placed in our depositories.  Just a fraction of our collection creates the current permanent exhibition divided into the archaeological, historical, and natural scientific divisions.

The aim of our museum is to create a new, modern museum trends- following permanent exhibition reflecting the important aspects of the location, history, famous citizens and industry and other cultural heritage of our town and its surroundings. First of all, this project requires a total reconstruction of the unsuitable infrastructure of the building. All the necessary steps regarding this project are being taken with concordance and agreement of the Celakovice Municipality.

We´re looking forward to finishing this project and present you with the 21st  century museum by the end of 2019.

Till then, our museum still has many interesting items to show you, and even in case you´d not be interested in our permanent exhibition, we can also invite you to visit our short-time exhibitions – you can find their overview in the section called „Pro veřejnost - Kalendář akcí“ (For the Public - The Calendar of Events).

Last but not least, a new tourist information center will be opened in the main building of the fortress this March. You´re cordially welcome to visit Celakovice, our museum and enjoy your day here!

Yours, Municipal Museum team